Experience Motor Racing at West Coast Karting

West Coast Karting

Do you have a thrill for motor racing? Would you like to watch riders spin their petrol-fuelled machine? Are you looking for a place to spend time with your family? Are you curious about motorsport or are you already a pro? Check out the West Coast Karting. Whether taking part or watching, everyone is guaranteed a thrilling experience to remember! The staff is professional and friendly and you get value for your money.

Situated on the seaside town of Maryport, it is the biggest indoor karting track in North – West England. You will love their cool atmosphere and friendliness. It is so friendly that even a complete newbie can try to ride a go-kart. Perfect for birthday parties, team building events, Family day out, or even for couples who love challenges. West Coast will not disappoint. Everyone is encouraged to experience motorsport racing in this safe environment where experts get to monitor you. This sport can be one of the ways used to train your kids in motorsport or even driving.

However, you have to be 8 years and above to get into a go-kart.  Children from this age up to 15 years participate on the 330m kids’ track. The rest from 16 years and above enjoy participating on the 520m track.  But you can decide to do a family session. Children get to challenge their parents on the track and vice versa. This is a fun activity for the whole family. This race session lasts only 20 minutes but that is enough time to get the feel and the thrill of motor racing.

West Coast Karting is built to match the English weather. You wake up to no sun? Not to worry. At West Coast Karting, you are guaranteed to stay dry and have fun.  Thanks to their paying attention to details, you will not have to worry about breathing petrol fumes either. They have a perfect ventilation system with big fans to remove the fumes, keeping this environment safe for all.


Everyone knows that getting in a speedy moving vehicle is dangerous. At West Coast Karting they go to lengths to keep you safe.  A helmet, a driving suit, gloves, driving boots and any other safety equipment is provided at no extra cost. You will also be taken through the safety procedure before you hit the track and if you are a newbie, you will get lessons on how to operate the go-kart.

Food,  Drinks, and other Activities

Don’t worry about what to eat while at the West Coast Karting.  From vending machines to stone-baked sizzling pizzas and hot coffees, or even cold sandwiches and chilled soft drinks, there is plenty and you will be spoiled for choice. West Coast provides you with other activities for smaller below 8 years and adults who are not on the track; they can all try out video game from their arcade. Would you like to get one on one training lessons with the experts? They offer training for absolutely free!


The track is open Tuesday to Friday 1.00pm to 10pm and 10.00am to 10pm on weekends. Bookings can only be done after 6pm and you are required to call weeks in advance to book your place.

About GO-Karting

Go-Karting as a sport was not known until 1956 when the first go-kart a small four-wheel open vehicle was made by Art Ingels in Los Angeles. This sport spread to other parts of the world and many people now enjoy it, especially in Europe. However, it was not until 1992 when the first West Coast Karting race took place. Many professional motor racers start from the go-kart.

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