A Day’s Trip to Tullie House Museum

Tullie House

A day’s trip to Tullie House Museum is a time very well spent. This is more so if you love a combination of History, Art, and Nature. But before we delve into what to expect in such a trip let’s take a brief detour and highlight some facts about this unique attraction.

If you are new to England then know this museum is located in Cumbria, England. Your travel guide or agents will advise you on the best way to get to this location.

The museum has a long history running back to 1893 when Carlisle Corporation first opened the doors of this building. It is what you will see do and learn here that makes your day’s trip worth the effort. Let’s not digress too much but now focus on what makes a day’s trip worth the time.

One thing you will notice upon arrival is the evident traces of the house’s Jacobean origins. However, most of the rest of the structure other than its core has undergone quite some changes over the years. There a number of extensions so what you see are not the original structures only. As earlier said the thrust of the museum is three-fold: history, art, and nature.

The first thrust leads you back in time to the turbulent past of Carlisle and its border regions. The information laden exhibits take you through the Roman invasion, the building of Hadrian wall and the period of Border Reivers as well as well as the ups and downs of England’s Civil war. One thing you will find amazing about this award-winning museum is that the exhibits are not just frozen items. You’ll be taken through this history-based journey by means of audio-visual aids and interactive displays.

The second thrust that fascinates visitors is Art. This museum rightfully boasts of being the equipped in the whole of North England. Basically, you’ll learn a lot about the history of Castle in the Castle Life Gallery. This gallery showcases diverse artefacts ranging from historical costumes, old photos, the Blue Streak Programme to information about the Castle Pageant Spend part of the day with some of the best art pieces by artists from Cumbria. See what made some Pre-Raphaelites artists such as Edward Burne-Jonesso famous. English costume and ceramics in the art gallery reveal much about the culture of the English people.

The final thrust for your one-day trip is nature. Displays of wildlife and geology of this part of England complete the visual picture of this area. There is also a unique collection of local insects and examples of the minerals found in this region.

As you wind up your trip why not spend some time at the Living Area where you can socialize and interact with other visitors and museum staff? Usually, visitors engage with stories and ideas with one another and the museum staff in order to develop a modern-day understanding of life on a frontier.

There is something for you at Old Tullie Museum irrespective of age. Children can even play games: climb the life-sized part of Hadrian’s Wall, fire one of the Roman weapons or pay a visit to the badger’s set. For anyone keen on learning world history and specifically Cumbria’s history, its culture, the England Civil war and still get a taste of great art the Tullie House Museum is a must-go. Check out more on my website.