8 Practical Tips to Improve Social Media Community Management

Social media community management is probably one of the toughest jobs in the marketing department. For the most part, you nurture customer relationships, establish brand loyalty, and address concerns to keep customers happy and satisfied.

In other words, you are the window of a business or company.

Social media networks function as a double-edged sword. On one end, you wield its platforms to gain loyal followers. However, these could damage your reputation too, once you screwed up.

Also, customer behavior is very diverse. Sure, you’d find people who’ll love your products and services. But you will also deal with those who are hard to please. Worse, you need to placate aggressive conduct since when bad feedback spreads like wildfire, then you’re toast.

Truly, being a social media community managertakes patience and determination. After all, you’ll be doing this daily.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist you with some tips and tricks a manager should practice. By setting up a plan, tracking the right metrics, and getting the ball rolling, you’ll realize that this job is actually a fulfilling one.

1. Planning Consistently

In every business, consistency is key, and social media community managers know this best. You need to plan ahead of time keep up with your content. As managers, you’re in charge of the schedule, ongoing campaigns, contests, and so forth.

Arrange a detailed content calendarto get a clear view of your work schedule. This enables you to see what needs to be accomplished.

If you can, make every plan as foolproof or spotless as possible. While you can’t avoid committing errors as a human being, you may delegate roles by forming a team. This lessens any mistake as more people are working together and examining the output.

2. Communication Skills is a Must

As a social media community manager, you’ll be facing lots of customers from different walks of life. It’s quite pressuring since there are lots of ways things can go wrong. Of course, most of them are not your fault, yet you don’t want your customers to hear that from you. In any case, you should be able to stay calm under pressure and keep things professional.

Remember, you are the window of your company. What your clients see about you gives them an idea about your company as well.

A great tactic to avoid predicaments ahead of time is to monitor discussions around your brand. When you do some “eavesdropping”, you’ll catch instantly if there’s a problem you need to address. This dampens the flame before it spreads over.

3. Cultivate a Brand Personality

There’s a right balance between keeping your audience intact and promoting your brand’s values. If your customers take over your brand, then what’s the point of doing business if you can’t be unique at all?

Besides, your audience respects a brand that has integrity, conviction, and personality.

Make your brand as quirky and fun as possible. Your customers will find out that there a human element in your brand with these traits.

However, you’ll not be able to pull it off effectively all the time. The risk is quite high, so you must calculate which actions correspond to your customers. You don’t want to offend a large chunk of the audience, anyway.

4. Define Success and Set Metrics to Track It

Despite various tracking measures, analytics, in general, can be really tricky. Conventionally, companies use ROI by tracking through clicks and conversions. Unfortunately, that only works on quantitative data. Tracking social media commentswon’t be as clear, especially if the company is very enormous.

Instead, you can determine and define your own success depending on your objectives. Find out what kind of content your audience loves, or what brings in new fans.

Your tasks as a community manager don’t stop at resolving customer queries and product problems. You must be able to keep track of response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction as well.

5. Let Your Audience Participate in the Conversation

There are so many advantages you can get from interacting with your audience. When you’re running of ideas, for example, you can simply ask them for more – they’d love to share their own! This is what we call User-Generated Content, or UGC.

It’s such a powerful and almost effortless strategy due to its authenticity and convenience. It allows your followers and audience to engage with you and with other people. They can share experiences which you can use as influences for a new product or service.

At the end of the day, you’ll find out that all customers have one thing in common. They just want to find a brand they can depend on and a brand that makes them feel special.

Be that brand. As a community manager, you are expected to impart brand value to your followers.

6. Gather and Use Data

As a social management communitymanager, you are the gateway between the company and its customers. You relay every feedback you get from the network’s page to your higher-ups.

The audience knows this well, that’s why when there are complaints, they believe that ranting (and spamming it sometimes) gets the point across.

Eventually, you’ll learn which concerns are genuine and which ones are purely derogatory. Both exist they can overwhelm you at first. Either way, don’t let all that data go to waste. Gather relevant feedback and share it with other departments.

An effective measure to sort out these comments is to group them according to topics or issues. Of course, there will be many, so expect lots of folders to make. Organizing these queries will help you locate which concern needs immediate priority and which ones to save for later.

7. Be Flexible With Your Time

There are pros and cons in having a flexible schedule.

For one, you get the benefit of not having to conform to a deadlock timeframe. Meanwhile, you are also responsible for doing tasks, even at your most inconvenient hours.

Social media is open 24/7, which means you’ll most likely watch out and deal with issues non-stop. There have been times in the past where social media pages of companies were panned by the general public due to lack of immediate attention.

The good thing is if you’ve followed the first tip above, you’ll never experience these concerns often. Of course, unforeseen circumstances will definitely occur. However, if you approach the tasks systematically, you’ll mitigate the hardcore pressure and stress that go along with this job.

8. Be Tech-Savvy

Thanks to technology, everything becomes seemingly easy and convenient. There’s a limit to human skill and effort, and as a social media community manager, you can’t do much. It’s understandable; you are not a robot. Currently, there are various programs, applications, and software that can automate and streamline every tracking and monitoring tasksthat you do in social media.

Also, your mobile device is definitely a work companion. As an effective tool, your phone can post any social media update, newsflashes, and other content on the fly. The same applies when you’re replying to a bunch of comments as well. Whether you are at the mall, at the beach, or having quality time with your dog, you’re free to do your work.