Metrics to Look For When Planning Guest Posts

Guest Posting Metrics

Guest posting is a great way of link building and is a vital part of any SEO campaign. However, you first need to identify suitable guest posting websites as not every website is going to be suitable for your objectives or niche. Below are the metrics that you should observe when planning guest posts.

Metric 1. The Objective with Guest posting.

This might appear obvious, however, nothing is so essential for the prosperity of your guest posting endeavors than being certain of your objective. Are you certain about your objectives for your guest posting?

Quite a number of firms and bloggers regard guest posting as a solution itself. Generally, most of them never attain any results from it. Guest posting is simply a bridge between you and your objective but not the objective itself. This is the reason why it so paramount to be sure why you are guest posting and what precisely do you expect to accomplish from it.

The guest posting objectives can differ depending on your business requirements. For instance, a freelance writer would utilise guest post to draw more clients. The same way, an online furniture store could make use of guest posting to draw potential buyers to its site.

Although this may appear so obvious, your objective will eventually determine the kind of posts you pick for guest posting and the kind of content you come up with for that particular guest posts. In a nutshell, a clear objective will provide a course to every feature of your guest posting plans.

Metric 2. The type of Blog.

Apart from your objective, the type of the blog for guest posting is also another metric you should look at. The first metric is essential in selecting the appropriate blogs to do your guest posting on. Essentially, we have 3 things you should look for while determining whether a blog is the best for you.

i). First and foremost, the blog should have regular visitors (preferably your target audience). For instance, if you are a freelance writer targeting clients in the blogging and internet marketing niche, your target audience ought to consist of internet marketing blogs, small business owners tech entrepreneurs and digital marketing firms.

ii). The blog to guest blog on should have huge loyal and large following community of readers. The best way to ensure this is by researching and getting a fair concept of the scope of a blog from its Domain authority as well as the associated social media following.

iii). Does the blog allow guest post submissions?

Try to keep a list of all the blogs that satisfy this rule so that you can continue monitoring them for later guest posts too.

Metric 3. Your familiarity with the target Blog(s).

After examining your target blog(s), the next thing you should do is have a close look at their content. One of the most typical blunders that many people who do guest posting is approaching a blog with a simple guest post scheme without a having a thorough scrutiny of its content.

You should realize that most blog editors like quality guest posts. They are always expecting individuals to approach them with a good-quality piece. Nevertheless, if a topic has previously been covered in detail on a certain blog, or if it is totally inappropriate to the audience of that particular blog then the chances that the editor of that blog will respond positively are low. Therefore do as much research as you can to ensure that you have a good look at the before you submit any guest post concepts to its editor.

Here are some items that you need to watch out for.

i). Look at the most popular content on the website (ahrefs content explorer may help with this or buzzsumo). By doing so, you will get a fair idea of the kind of content that does best with its audience.

ii). Do a thorough inspection of the archives of the blog and search for the posts that are comparable to the guest post idea that you have. Observe whether everything similar to your topic has already been exhausted or if there is any different angle or a unique perspective that you may give on the topic.

iii). Again, thoroughly check the comments on some of the pretty popular posts and find out what the readers are responding in regard to the topic.

iv). Quite a number of blogs that allow guest posts normally have very well explained guest post guidelines for submission too. Take your time an go through them in detail and ensure that you follow them as you pitch your idea.

Metric 4. Your relationship with the guest posting website.

Your relationship with the host blog is another significant metric to look for when planning guest posts. After going through the blog that you intend to guest post and discovered some topics that you can potentially pitch for guest posts, you need to ensure that you can start building a relationship with the blog owner.

If you have not yet started doing this, it is a good idea you begin building it right away before you even think of guest posting.

It is not that essential to know the owner of the blog in advance. However, it does not make it much simpler for you to know the kind of content the blog owner requires and also aids in raising the chances of your guest post getting accepted. As opposed to the real world relationships that take a bit of time to establish, an online relationship can be realized much more easily.

Below are some steps that I would suggest you take,

i). Closely monitor the established accounts that belong to the blog on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites possible.

ii). Like and even share some of their posts social media platform like Facebook and give them some few mentions and Retweets on Twitter.

iii). Leave some insightful comments on a few of the latest posts on your target blog.

iv). You can choose to send a brief email to the owner of the blog as well plus a quick feedback concerning the blog or simply give gratitude on a high-value post.

Since relationship building needs day-to-day interactions, you will have to spend some time every day for the sake of commenting on your target blogs and even share their posts on a potential social network. Once you have had interactions with the blog owner, you can now mail them a well-pitch and review your guest post plan with them.

Metric 5. The Domain Authority.

This another important metric to measure the quality of the blog you might be planning to guest posts. It is measured on a scale ranging from 0-100. With this scale, the higher it is the better. It is arrived at by joining all of some special metrics into one score like total referring domains, total links and so on. Domain Authority shows the strength of the whole domain and Page Authority(PA) gives the same estimation for an individual page in a website. Use open sites like MozBar or Open Site Explorer to gauge Domain Authority and try to select those with a minimum of 40 DA.

Metric 6. The estimated traffic.

There are sites like Alexa.com that can help you get an estimate of how much a certain site receives. In this case, things are a bit opposite since it works that the lower the number of visitors, the better. For instance, a site that appears in top 1000 in the Alexa.com is a very popular site with quite strong traffic while that appears in the top 5 million sites implies that it is a site that gets a regular flow of traffic.

Taking these into consideration, you will want to target those sites with lower numbers to get your guest post exposed to the adequate audience.

Metric 7. The relevance.

Relevance is another basic metric for ensuring that your guest posts get the possible attention and traffic. The search engine uses factors like keywords, title, localization, meta tags, content type classifications and user intent to determine the relevance. You may apply this concept while analyzing the target site for relevance.

Also, in your assessment, check whether the topic of the site relates with yours, the extent to which you experience the same kind of audience and whether their core content is corresponding with the one for your site. More so, ensure that you offer a unique standpoint on the topic of the target site.


For guest bloggers or those who are planning to guest post, remember that is remarkably necessary to keep the main objective in mind. In most cases, it does not work in isolation and will not lead to the right results if you do not devise a practical strategy. Thus, instead of spending hours of precious time on unplanned guest posting, be certain that you have done your homework first and get yourself ready prior to going on a guest posting spree.

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