Levens Hall An Idyllic Day Out in Cumbria

Levens Hall

Whether you live in Cumbria or are visiting for short break, nice day-out ideas are always welcome, from walking through forests in the Lake District to spending time in Kendal, amongst the mountain of activities Cumbria has to offer you should definitely take some time out to go and check out the magnificent Levens Hall and her beautiful gardens. Well worth a visit and backed up by hundreds of positive 5-star feedback, Levens Hall will not leave you disappointed.

Levens Hall: A wondrous building

The house (or Hall if you want to be proper about it) itself has been standing and charming all those who visit it for well over 500 years. The house has been in family ownership since the 1950s and so has had continuous work on it to keep the house in the finest condition possible.

This interesting building has had many forms over the years, it began its lifespan as a defensive structure in 1350 dubbed Pele Tower, built by the de Redman family of Yealand Redmayne. This tower was then later incorporated into a new construction in 1590, when a well-off landowning family, the Bellingham family, bought the property and converted into a manner house using local trades and craft men. The house changed hands a number of times post 1590 acquisition and with each change the house saw additions built until we had the lovely piece of architecture we have today.

Inside the house you can find an assortment of historical art and antiques, including one of the most exquisite examples of Spanish leather wall coverings in Europe.

Topiary Gardens: Space to breathe

The unique house with its intricate plaster ceiling designs isn’t the only reason why Levens Hall is famous. It also supports a breathtaking garden full of ornamental shrubbery, cut into eye pleasing designs.

In 1688 a Colonel James Grahme acquired the land as thanks for his services to King James II, this colonel had hired and brought with him a personal gardener going by the name Guillaume Beaumont, a french man trained in le Notre at Versailles, and had the sole intention of bringing contemporary fashion to the grounds of Levens Hall.

Since his introduction to the local dirt the gardens have attracted both national and international attention and see many hundreds of visitors every year. The garden has seen some change since its birth in 1690, with changing fashions century after century it was only too well expected to alter from its original design, when Dutch style flower beds were all the rage. With over 100 different plant species, some of which are over 300 years old, all taken care of by a team of professional gardeners, the Levens Hall Topiary Gardens will leave you feeling relaxed and well rested after a hour or two has been wished away strolling around the grounds.

Perfect for a family visits, single historical buffs or romantic day-date couples, Levens Hall and its magnificent Topiary Gardens give its visitors every reason to return. Spend a few hours exploring inside and outside the house, stopping only to rest up in the on site cafe, famous for its baked goods and even does nice tea and coffee. Easy to get to by car, train or even bus, Levens Hall offers the best in day out entertainment. Read more.

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