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The Complete Banner Advertising Guide

Display Advertising Guide

Here is the quick skinny for a business looking at internet banner advertising as the next step in their online advertising plan. Whether it works for your business is a trade-off between the widespread appeal of your products, targeting available to reach your ideal audience, […]

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CPM, CPC, and CPA Explained

CPC Explained

When you wade into the waters of online advertising, these acronyms get thrown at you from all sides. But what does CPM mean? What does CPA mean? And more importantly, CPM versus CPC versus CPA, which will work best for your business? Definition of CPM […]

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How to Choose Marketing Plan Objectives

Marketing Plan Objectives

Writing your marketing plan, no matter which technique you use or structure you follow, usually includes setting objectives. A marketing plan objective is the goal you want to achieve. It’s a definite, clear, final product you want to see come about. It’s the direction of […]

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